White and Red

I really enjoyed watching Legend of the Seeker series a few years ago. When I heard the lullaby beginning “White grows the lily/Red grows the rose”, as many others I thought what a pity it has no full text. Then I discovered that some people continued the song and turned it into a full and beautiful lullaby song. Still I felt dissatisfied. Finally I came up with my own version of continuing the song. It is not a lullaby any more though:)

White grows the lily, red grows the rose.
You were my lady, now we are foes.
Your face is turned away from mine
I sense warm tear in darkness shine.

Why would you solace a man that broke
Adolescence’s dreams, bright and remote?
There was the spirit, daring and strong
Let it now freely fly where it belongs.

Love that trespasses life’s bounds themselves
Finds itself trapped in deadly embrace:
Shadowy forces, we cannot fight,
Give our friends the enemies’ sight.

You look back with sadness, I know, you do –
Magic is dead, the prophecy was true,
Cold wind from the mountains bends down the grass
We gather forces – all are against us.

The rivals are scatter’d across the fields,
We put away our bloodstained shields.
Having defeated the great enemy,
We fought each other now: you and me.

In our love days we lay on the clouds,
Lit up by sun rays, we parted routes.
Up grows the flower, down beats the rain:
Future wasn’t ours – we can now say.

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