Could Russia be involved in 9/11?

I would not exclude that outrightly, because it makes a lot of sense. After 9/11 the U.S. and the West drastically reduced their support for the Chechen resistance’s cause in the North Caucasus. The attack itself evoked a lot of enthusiasm among Russians. Many Russians literally rejoiced, including the state controlled media. Vladimir Putin offered Russian support for the U.S. led operation in Afghanistan, but it would have been very suspicious if he did not.

Interestingly enough, unlike the U.S. and other western countries, Russia did not introduce any particular heightened security regime in its airports and flights following the attack. The reason behind that may have been that Russians had known the organizers of the attack and were pretty sure, they would not attack Russia under any circumstances.

In the light of this, extradition of Victor Bout, Russian security services guy, that Russians call a businessman, from Thailand to the U.S. may pose very serious threat to the Russian leadership. The whole reset policy may be under jeopardy, as one of the top-ranking Russian diplomat unequivocally has warned. Bout is accused by numerous groups, as well as some governments, of supplying weaponry around the globe to any rebel groups, that are requesting them and are able to pay. Again it makes a lot of sense for the current Russian leadership – if you are not able to control part of the world as the USSR did and still hate the U.S., then what you do is you make your contribution to create as much chaos around the world as possible. Why? Because the U.S. will have to deal with more crises and pay less attention to what Russia does in the countries of the former USSR and Europe.

As a classical continental empire, Russia’s primary expansionist interests lie in its near abroad. While further away from its borders it just meddles into the others’ affairs to cause as much trouble as it possibly can.


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