Rose Revolution examined


via Transitions Online.

Different motivations may have been behind the Rose Revolution. I’m inclined to believe that the Rose Revolution had one meaning for the outside world and very different for the Georgian people. I.e. for the West it was democracy’s victory in Georgia, for the Georgians it meant shiny economic prospects and return of Abkhazia, Adjara and South Ossetia.

I equate this situation to a story with St Paul. When St Paul arrived at one of the Greek-speaking cities he encountered a magician, I think his name was Bar Jesus, somewhere in the Acts. The magician was amazed by the miracles, that St Paul and his believer companions were able to perform. So he tried to imitate them, but couldn’t and then he approached St Paul and asked to sell him the gift of performing miracles.

Georgians must have thought: “we will get democracy and get rich, defeat our foes, etc.” Democracy must have been regarded as an overly instrumental thing, rather than a “thing-in-itself”. This part of debate is often overlooked, perhaps because it is a hard thing to do – to distinguish the two aspects: liberal democracy’s ideas and the fruits, it brings.


2 thoughts on “Rose Revolution examined

  1. Good point! The even more worrisome question concerns the level of understanding of democracy and liberal countries within the societies exporting these values, when their academia and politicians do not see the difference between the real deal and the imitation.

    Today, i read that Georgia intends to sent 1000 observers to Ukraine elections. Even the OSCE has ‘only’ 600. I bet the travel expenses are paid out of western money intended for democracy promotion WITHIN Georgia.

  2. A whole new social class of NGO people was created in Georgia, that is unsustainable on its own. I wonder what these people will do when the funding dries up or perhaps it go on and on forever?

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