Putin and Medvedev quietly fight over Russian security services

President Medvedev has recently announced his plans to appoint a special envoy to the Northern Caucasus. The position is thought of as a creating a power center in the region to coordinate the government agencies, working in the region. The objective is to quell the insurgency, fight corruption and stabilize the Northern Caucasus.

Since Medvedev mentioned about his plans in the address to the Russian parliament on November 12, numerous speculations have risen who would be that person. People were saying it would be Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov, vice prime minister of Russia Sergei Ivanov and some others. What the analysts mostly failed to observe is why this position is created at the point by Medvedev.

I think, the explanation is very simple and straightforward. While Putin is known for his grip over the siloviki, which in Russia essentially translates into political power, Medvedev has yet to demonstrate that he can find the right approach to acquire more influence within this specific circle. Appointing a super powerful person in a region where the Russian security services have worked so intensely could present President Medvedev with opportunities he could not miss. The results of the envoy’s mission will be of less importance than his ability to effectively utilize the given resources and power. Conversely, the appointment of the envoy will be indicative of whether the balance of power within Russia’s ruling tandem is shifting or, on the contrary, it is becoming more stable.

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