Invoke anti-colonialism discourse to confront Russian empire

While all European colonial powers of XIX-XX centuries ceased to have colonies in 1960s or before, Russia remains the only remnant of the colonial world. I do not understand, why nobody speaks about this in these terms.

In particular Russia conquered the Caucasus in XIX century, brutally exterminated some peoples and is resting on the premises of its bloody conquest. Since then Russia has not changed much. If one looks at the two Chechen wars, they were clearly not only in violation of human rights, but contrary almost to everything that we call today humane and civilized.

I conclude Russia still using much the same methods to keep subjugated people in the Caucasus and elsewhere oppressed. I do not think the counter argument that Russian people are just as oppressed is valid. It is Russian people’s right to tolerate the government they want and can withstand, but other non-Russian peoples of the country, that were subjugated are not required to put up with Russian government’s follies.

While the US was very active in bringing down the colonial system in the XX century, I think, it will be only right, if it became just as active to dismantle also the Russian empire. Not only the oppressed peoples of the Caucasus, but also the world and Russian people themselves would win out of the dismantlement of one of the last empires.

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