Solutions for the economic crisis

As it becomes fashionable to come up with solutions for the economic crisis, I am throwing in my five cents as well:)

Just yesterday I realized, that mere monetary measures, even combined with stimulus package and massive investment into infrastructure will not solve the problem. Not that I think about the crisis much, just occasionally I do, but it is worth thinking over perhaps, because the way it is resolved might affect life of generations.

My view is that the present crisis is so multitudinal, that it will require changes not only quantitative changes (massive investments into previously neglected or underfunded spheres, helping out the big companies), but also qualitative changes in the way how the economy is governed. I am sure, soon wider public will realize this and explore the possibilities.

One such change, in my point of view should be about another wave of demonopolization coupled with more stringent government rules. Big super monopolies tend to become just as inefficient as the government in managing economic activities. The trend of global mergers may have decisively contributed to the increased vulnerability, inflexibility and ultimate failure of the markets.

In practice this means, that there should be a global agreement restricting monopolies, aimed at increasing number of players in the industries and flexibility of the markets, but also redrawing and enforcing the rules of game. Because if you chop up monopolies and number of economic actors increase dramatically, the rules of game should be more strict, as there is greater possibility of a chaos.

This move also would allow well-founded discrimination of the developed countries markets against government-owned huge firms and funds in the transitional economies, forcing them to become more open and less solidified.


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