Somali pirates

I was desperately thinking of tackling Somali pirates issue and could not come up with a solution for a long time. I recalled that Julius Caesar was captured by pirates himself in Cilicia in Eastern Mediterranean ( The pirates told him that he had to pay them certain amount of ransom, sending a letter to his friends in Rome. But Caesar objected against the payment as it was too small in his opinion. He demanded the pirates increase the ransom, his friends paid it. Then he came back with a Roman fleet and destroyed the pirates once and for all.

Unfortunately or fortunately there are no more Caesars left in the world today. So the way Cilician pirates were dealt with is probably hardly imaginable nowadays. Another approach for tackling the Somali pirates issue would be to utilize their bellicose energy for peaceful purpose.

How to do it?

It would have been a great deal of a challenge if there were no … Greenpeace. Greenpeace needs bold boatmen to capture big ships and attract public opinion. They have run out of energy doing it themselves (when did we hear about Greenpeace capturing a ship last time?). So they could employ hordes of Somalian pirates instead and solve their problem, while at the same time saving the world a lot of trouble. Somalians could be put on payroll for doing various useful assignments as well and send some cash home to their families while doing a hazardous, but still decent in the eyes of many people job.


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