Renown Russian journalist’s murderer was Russian security services’ agent

Anna Politkovskaya, famous Russian journalist, that made her name on reporting human rights abuses and horrors of war in Chechnya was killed in October 2006 in Moscow. The trial over her suspected murderers started in November. One of the colleagues of hers, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta Sergei Sokolov stated, that according to the investigation, the paper conducted after their reporter was murdered, several of her killers were agents of FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) another revelation he made was, that there were two circles of surveillance around Anna – one was made up by FSB men and the other by Chechen men (that were also FSB agents, according to Mr Sokolov). Mr Sokolov also alleged, that according to his information, the man who killed Anna was not abroad (as Russian officials had repeatedly pointed out), but in Russia. If the murderer was an agent for FSB, then of course, it is only logical to have him in Russia, while claiming he is abroad.


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