NYT: Georgians occasionally bombed Georgian villages

According to HRW, there are signs of Georgian cluster bombs killing Georgian villagers. I am not happy at all to discover, that Georgian government has indulged itself in a propaganda just as dirty, as the Russians did. I mean I know approximately what to expect from Russian government – i.e. I don’t expect much from them in terms of truthfulness, but I did expect a more reliable information on Georgian government side.

The August war leveled the differences between Russia and Georgia that had been in place for previously. It is probably logical – once president Saakashvili became more like small time Putin, so did Georgian internal and foreign policy.

3 thoughts on “NYT: Georgians occasionally bombed Georgian villages

  1. These events all transpired before the Georgians sent additional troops to the area. Because of the peace agreement, no one was allowed to have guns larger than 80mm. Saakashvili interpreted these events as the formal start of a war, and he responded by sending additional troops to South Ossetia. The Georgian military then counter-attacked on Tskhinvali.to stop the artillery bombardments onto Georgian areas.

    However, the Georgian military faced an onslaught of the Ossetian military, plus the nearby Russian “peacekeepers”, plus the regular Russian army flooding across the border, plus the sudden appearance of the Russian air force, plus the “volunteer” Russian militiamen.

    The Georgians quickly realized that they could not hold any part of South Ossetia, and withdrew to the South Ossetian border, and declared a cease-fire.

    The various Russian forces also crossed the South Ossetian border and invaded the Georgian heartland, heading toward Tblisi, Georgia’s capital. Russia’s politicians and military proclaimed that they would not rest until Tblisi was overthrown.

    At that point, Bush, Rice, McCain, NATO, France, and Britain spoke up very loudly. The various Russian forces then retreated to a point within 30 km of Tblisi, and began consolidating their positions.

    • There is no evidence of South Ossetians using guns larger than 80 mm prior to the start of war. OSCE mission that was stationed in Tskhinval did not report any violations on the South Ossetian side.

      Georgian government did not proclaim, that South Ossetia started war with Georgia. Georgian public celebrated retake of South Ossetia on August 8, 2008. I doubt, they would celebrate an attack by South Ossetians.

      Both sides prepared for war and at some point something went wrong and president Saakashvili decided he had a chance he must not miss. I don’t think, he gave much consideration to people’s lives, supposedly his own citizens. Not that the South Ossetian government cared much about their own population or anybody else in the world.

      About speaking loud… Russia tried to convene UN Security Council on August 7, when Georgians started the onslaught. Somewhat other permanent members of the UNSC decided, that the matter was too unimportant to call for a meeting. Their unwillingness changed only when the Russian military intervened in the war, but by then it was Russia that did not want any interference on UNSC’s side.

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