Rules of Civilized World

Very interesting and satirical point made by someone in the discussion section on the article Advancing, blindly. Here is the article

The Economist invariably impresses me with a very special mean style of writing. It is not exclusively applied to Russians, of course. Below the comment:


When I hear such indisputable authorities like Miliband or Rice speaking about behavior by “civilized world rules” in 21 century I am trying to understand what these rules are about.

Here what I come up with new century rules, which should replace The International Law irrevocably broken by US in Serbia ns Iraq.

Rules of Civilized World

1) Democracy is a power of people (well, American people).

2) The most democratic countries in the World (in first rule respect) are Georgia, Poland and UK and these countries can spare resources on their own foreign policy.

3) It’s safer for politicians to be on wrong side with US, than to be fair and just without US.

4) Free press is free to lie, creating good pretext for democratic countries actions.

5) All large countries with energy resources, with first letter “R” in their names are undemocratic countries.

6) All undemocratic countries are not allowed to have their own interests; free press must refrain from using a single good word about these countries and vigorously apply rule number four.


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