Saakashvili’s thin propaganda

When Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili says, that Georgia attacked South Ossetia after their government learned that Russians were advancing into South Ossetia nobody seems to notice the blatant falsity with this argument. This is so obvious.

If Saakashvili wanted to fight Russian army, why after several days of fighting Georgian army retreated? Why didn’t Georgians fight Russians “to the end”? If, however, after he learned about Russian advance into South Ossetia Saakashvili didn’t want want to fight the Russian army, why he ever launched an attack on South Ossetia?

As a rational actor, knowing incomparability of the Georgian forces with the Russian army, president Saakashvili should have avoided combat with them. He did not. This mean only one thing – he expected, the Russians would not interfere. Either because he was promised by someone or he expected Georgian forces would wipe out Ossetian forces within one day, so that Russians will have no one to help anymore.

In either case, I’m afraid, president Saakashvili made a few miscalculations and there will be reckoning about that with him in Georgia. 

At the same time, it seems to me, the longer Saakashvili stays in power, the better for Ossetians. Russians recognised and supported South Ossetia otherwise because they hated Saakashvili. So let Saakashvili reign for a long time, South Ossetia will only win out of the situation. 

Sometimes I think, that rivalries of big powers are probably not always bad. Though working hand-in-hand they and everybody else would perhaps have achieved much more.


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