Kremlin sees the Ingush opposition as part of the western plot

It is interesting to see how differently politicians in Russia and the West see the same events. When EU asked Russian government to properly investigate the killing of Magomed Yevloev, founder of opposition website, they must have thought, they were doing something, that was just an ordinary thing to do.

The Russian government will perceive it, however, only as supporting evidence of the western involvement in the ongoing Ingush surge of violence. In one of his recent interviews Putin pensively said, that Russian government “knows what is going on in Ingushetia”. Knowing Putin, it is not difficult to figure out what he knows. He must be thinking, that the West have organised a plot in North Caucasus for Russia.

The truth is not as simple though. Number of North Caucasians would be glad to rely on a foreing aid, including in staging protest actions, etc. But I doubt the west is really the cause of the violence. The problem is much greater and more difficult to handle, than mere intrusion by a foreign power.


One thought on “Kremlin sees the Ingush opposition as part of the western plot

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