Police kills the leader of the Ingush opposition Magomed Evloev

Sunday 31 August in Nazran one of the leaders of the Ingush opposition Magomed Evloev was arrested by policemen upon his arrival from Moscow. Shortly after that they police announced, that he resisted arrest and they had to shoot at him. Evloev was taken to the hospital with his head wounded and died there.

It is an outrageous event. The police acted exactly like bandits and they even did not try to hide their criminal actions much.

I am afraid, this will further aggravate already precarious situation in Ingushetia and a few more officials will die following Mr Evloev’s death. Throughout North Caucasus this horrible events might send a destructive, violent wave.

Evloev was a lawyer, formerly he worked in prosecution. Lately he directed famous opposition website http://www.ingushetiya.ru The authorities tried to close it down several times and even had a court decision to shut it, but it still carried on working. Mr Evloev was also known as one of the organisers of public protest events in Ingushetia earlier this year and previously.

Aparently the authorities decided to make use of the havoc caused by war in Georgia and go for drastic measures like killing opposition leaders outright.

Sources close to Mr Evloev say, that the opposition was about to launch a campaign for Ingushetia’s secession from Russian Federation. One website even publishes their draft statement in Russian http://caucasustimes.com/article.asp?id=16341

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