The scissors’ effect and other wonders at graduate school

As the school year is over, I try to assess the past year education and personality development-wise. In this case I tend to generalise and go beyond my particular school, I somewhat focus not on what I have learned, but on the educational process itself. There are some curious observations I made after listening to the professors and reading my academic readings for two consecutive semesters.

I noticed, that professors generally tend to talk more clearly, than they do writing. Perhaps this is because they talk for one audience and write for another. Another possibility is that they need to make things more complicated in writing, so that their colleagues do not regard them as simplets, while they need to make things more simple while talking to the students, so that they get positive feedback from them. These two trends cause the scissors’ effect or perhaps one could call it a duplex effect.

There is probably more than that in making simple things sound complicated. If things sound simple, professor may have no job to do, because everybody will understand them. However, when professor start turning the easily comprehensible items into seemingly difficult ones to grasp, then obviously s/he starts having a lot of job of explaining this complicated stuff to the students or general public.

This is not to say, that I did not learn much at school, I certainly did. Eg. before I was saying: “I think…” and then would go on to speak my opinion. But after the school year is over, I realized there is much more effective way of presenting one’s views. Now I say: “I have a model to explain this” and then go on and speak my opinion. Isn’t it much more scientific and credible way of expressing one’s views?

I promise myself to be more contientious student next year. I am trying to convince myself, it is very important.


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