Проект объединяющий молодежь всего мира ищет заинтересованных молодых людей на Северном Кавказе

Application deadline: May 25, 2008
Details and application instructions:

Youth Action for Change (YAC — http://www.youthactionforchange.org/) is a global, youth-led organization inspiring and empowering young people worldwide to become active change-makers in their own communities.

YAC is currently planning an online initiative which will involve young people living in neglected conflict and post-conflict areas and allow them to speak up for themselves and their communities. The initiative will start with a new website where participants can post information, videos, pictures and podcasts about their daily life and the conflicts they live in. This new initiative and website will give global audiences a chance to learn more about neglected conflicts, join campaigns and advocacy efforts, volunteer their skills and donate to youth-initiated programs on the ground. Young participants in these regions will get a chance to tell the world about their communities in their own words and to get support for ideas and projects they would like to create at home. YAC has secured the help of volunteers for this project:Kevin Sites (who in 2006 reported about young people in Chechnya), former CNN correspondent from Iraq and creator of the ’In the Hot Zone’ feature of Yahoo News, has kindly agreed to provide help and insights for this initiative. Organizations in Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Somalia and the Kurdish areas of Turkey have already stated their interest and support for this initiative, along with many other individuals.

YAC would like to include young people from Russia’s North Caucasus region in this project as well.

To increase global awareness and provide more personal accounts of the situation in the North Caucasus, we would like to involve young residents of Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and North Ossetia in this project. We are looking for 3-5 dedicated young people who will contribute to the website on a regular basis. They should be willing and able to complete an online training program on internet media which will be provided by YAC and then maintain an online diary about their lives and communities. These participants will form the core of a local youth initiative and are expected to eventually develop projects in their communities. YAC will provide support and international advice for these projects once they are fully developed. Participants should come from both urban and rural areas and bring together different perspectives from within their community. They should have an active interest in events around them and be ready to take initiative and responsibility.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the YAC Chechnya team, please read the selection criteria and application requirements below.

Applicants should:

Be 18 — 25 years old

Be residents of Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia and Dagestan (of all ethnic or religious backgrounds)

Be proficient in English (sufficient to attend an online training and contribute to the website)

Have regular access to a computer and the internet (once a week)

Have previous experience of volunteering, journalism/writing, leadership, employment or any other public activity; or have a strong desire to bring change to their communities and especially to young people.

Be able to dedicate several hours a week to the YAC initiative

No particular education level is required

If you would like to become a participant in the North Caucasus YAC initiative, please send us:

Your resume/curriculum vitae, with information about your education, professional experience and skills (in English).

An essay of 300-500 words about your most important life experiences and how they have influenced what you want to do in the future (in English).

An essay of 300-500 words explaining the most important problems for young people in your own community and how you would address them (in English).

The deadline for sending us your materials is May 25, 2008. Applications should be sent by email to yac@chechnyaadvocacy.org. An international selection committee of YAC and Chechnya Advocacy Network experts will select the participants.

Almut Rochowanski

Coordinator, Programs and Advocacy

Chechnya Advocacy Network



(1) 212 459 9363

(1) 646 467 0637 (mobile)


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