Ingush opposition eavesdropped on by FSB

I would be surprised if the Ingush opposition weren’t looked after by FSB. But still the motivation of the Russian security services is really interesting. Ingush website published judge’s permission to allow the FSB to eavesdrop on several Ingush oppositions leaders. They say, that Ingush opposition is in fact used by the western security services to destabilise the situation in North Caucasus and to undermine Russia’s image abroad.

So instead of dealing with the real problems of the region, they put blame on the dark powers of abroad, the age-old soviet tradition. They only forget, that judges who give permission for eavesdropping on the opposition may believe this, but people around will hardly believe this and as the soviet generations will gradually give way to the newer ones, they will be even less affected by this soviet style propaganda.

One thought on “Ingush opposition eavesdropped on by FSB

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