Western security services are accused of an attempt to free Chechnya of Russian rule

22 April one of the principal Russian TV channels aired a program in which western security services were accused of an attempt to promote Chechnya’s secession from Russia. They mentioned US State Department involvement in the process. The program stated, that the western security services were supplying money for Chechen separatists and trying to legitimize them by supplying their own money and passports, that should have been printed in France and Germany, according to the authors.

However, in the program they apparently did not mention, that Chechen separatists tried to print their own passports and money in Britain. After several weeks the two people dispatched to London on this mission were found dead. The British firm involved in the deal withdrew from it following that for self-image preservations reasons. So it remains a question, whose security services did what.

There are many questions about Moscow apartments being blown up in 1999, that many analysts attributed to Russian security services. One can only imagine what these people could do in other parts of Russia or the world, if they did not hesitate to blow up apartments in Moscow.

The logic behind airing of the film could be that Russia continues to harden its relations with West, feeling, that it can afford it. Or Russian security services are trying to prove to the new Russian president and the public, that they are the one that have saved Russian territorial integrity. Or simply it is just another act that is called to prove that Russia is a “besieged fortress” and rally support of the public for the current leadership. In any case it is not exactly a positive sign. In my point of view the trend of relations between Russia and the West is going to further deteriorate regardless of the hopes put on the new enlightened leadership of Medvedev. That is what it shows.


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