first internet based Cold War

website claims to be offering private information on all citizens of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. They say that only information on Putin and Medvedev is closed for public. The data includes various sensitive information like property, tax payments, criminal convictions, etc. It has a complicated way of registration, so I only applied for it and hopefully have access in the next several days or so, they say the website is overwhelmed by visitors.

It is relatively easy in Russia to buy data on large portions of population, however, this new web-project seems to be an entirely new way of approaching privacy issue. That is just dumping it altogether.

As the service is free and it certainly required a lot of investment: to buy bits and pieces of information and put them together, sustain them in a very secure environment, I assume there is political motif behind the project. I’m not sure whether it is CIA, disenfranchised Russian oligarchs like Berezovsky or insiders that were unhappy with Putin’s choice Medvedev, but it is certainly a very much politically charged move. It is especially sensible for the Russian bureaucracy, that thrives in the shadow of public attention, as Russian media is practically all under state control (i.e. essentially bureaucrats themselves).

It is a very creative move, I would say and I look forward to receiving my password for the website:) 

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