Bush proclaimed the Cold War over

It’s funny that Bush had to proclaim the Cold War over at a meeting with Putin in Russia once again 17 years after USSR disbandment. What I like about Bush is his openness, whether intentional or not, whether he wants to say something he shouldn’t say or not, he still utters it. So if Bush started to talk about Cold War being in the past that means it is likely this possibility is taken seriously, after all current relations between Russia and the US could be described as Cold Peace or perhaps more appropriately Struggle Behind Smiles (SBS).

The struggle is most likely to continue in the years to come, whether Putin is going to remain in power or not. Russia will try to assert its influence in the neighbouring CIS countries and the more energetically it does so, the more suspicions it will raise on the US’s and CIS countries’ side that Russia is trying to resurrect another edition of the Russian empire. Unless either Russia or the US or both become consumed by other issues in the world or inside the countries, this scenario is inevitable. 

NYT reporter appropriately pointed out: “I’ve always appreciated his honesty and openness, his willingness to listen to his partner, and this is precious,” Mr. Putin said, painting a portrait of Mr. Bush that is rare in Russia’s state-controlled news media or in its political discourse.”

 However, NYT in the same front page article made at least two type mistakes, must have written it overnight:)



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