NATO Allies Oppose Bush on Georgia and Ukraine – New York Times

I can’t believe this European bubble is true. Even the brattiest kids that don’t go to school only every other day know nowadays, that it is Russia who tries to destabilize Ukraine and Georgia. MAP to NATO could have been a way to keep these countries from sliding into Russian hands. Are these old Europeans so naive, that they don’t understand they might face another resurrection of the Russian empire, if they don’t act now?

If Georgia and Ukraine are not granted MAPs, this will have another side effect – strengthening Putin’s authoritarian rule in Russia, as it will be projected as his personal victory, just as I have described in one of my previous blogs on this.

So eventually not endorsing Georgia’s and Ukraine’s membership accession plan is bad for these two countries, bad for Russia (as it is going to strengthen Putin’s internal positions and cause more authoritarianism, rather than less), and it is another hazard for security in Europe, because it will show Russians they can intimidate their neighbours and get away with it. Lessons like that never go unlearned.

Germany and France have said they believe that since neither Ukraine nor Georgia is stable enough to enter the program now, a membership plan would be an unnecessary offense to Russia, which firmly opposes the move. In fact, senior diplomats here said, the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, has threatened to cancel his planned first-ever visit to the NATO meeting on Friday if the two former Soviet states enter the program for eventual membership.

Mrs. Merkel visited Moscow on March 8 and met Mr. Putin and his successor, Dmitri A. Medvedev. She told them that Russia would not be allowed a veto over NATO membership. But a senior German diplomat, Wolfgang Ischinger, said that offering membership to a divided Ukraine could destabilize the new government there, and that not enough diplomacy had taken place beforehand with Russia.

NATO Allies Oppose Bush on Georgia and Ukraine – New York Times


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