Internet censorship officially installed in Russia

Russian news agency RIA-Novosti revealed that all schools in Russia received “systems for filtering out extremist and porn content” (in Russian ). This is first time when it is officially recognised that unwanted internet websites will be blocked. The trouble is that under Russian anti-extremist law criticism of the government and government officials can be attributed to extremism.

This is not the only step taken toward controlling internet in Russia. As one of the leading opposition figures in Russia Boris Nemtsov has recently stated at a press-conference in Washington, D.C. every media outlet in the country, whether it is TV, paper or internet resource that manages to reach the threshold of 1% of popularity immediately draws Kremlin’s attention. So popular Russian internet resources like,,,,, popular blogging place are all either under direct control of pro-Kremlin oligarchs or their owners are under strong Kremlin influence.


One thought on “Internet censorship officially installed in Russia

  1. And on top of all this, you have the case of Savva Teretnev starting off in Komi. It’s going to be interesting to see how the court’s decision will affect the runet, if at all.

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