Stand up Russian land for the faith video

This is a rather popular video on Russian web now, in Russian: “Встань за Веру, Русская земля.” It is a beautifully sung military march dating back to as early as 1912, called “Farewell of the Slav [Woman]”. It was inspired by wars in the Balkans at the time.I somewhat feel uneasy though about its popularity and wording in current circumstances. It is about going to war, defending Russian soil and Russian-Orthodox faith. Russia is not at war and it doesn’t appear anyone is going to war with Russia, so why this war music is so popular? Is it perhaps because Russians feel at war with modernity even though there is no actual war? Or perhaps because WWII memories are still especially vivid in Russia and seen as the time of glory? In the light of growing Russian nationalism and xenophobia this video sounds to me almost ominous. I might be wrong, but the timing, the wording, its popularity and its content suggest it is a worrying sign.Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

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