Geopolitical Diary: Ukraine, The Main Battlefield of Cold War II

I would say that Ukraine is of course part of the broader game and its surrounding situation sheds light on why American-Russian relations are so bad. I asked one day myself why actually there is so much tension between the US and Russia (obviously bilateral relations occupy much greater space in Russian political agenda, than in the US’s) and found a very simple answer. It is not about democracy in Russia, it is not about human rights, it is not about war in Iraq or other similar nice things aired all the time. It is about Russian “quest for greatness” that drives Russia to exert power on its neighbours and beyond and possibly to recreate sort of USSR and it is US’s fear that this might actually happen that define the logic of the struggle.  Of course, if Russia were a democracy (so the causes of deterioration of US-Russia relations, that I previously dismissed as obsolete are not entirely such) US’s fear of Russia would be much lower, but as it is the US is uneasy about possible consolidation of yet another Russian empire and so are Russia’s neighbours, including CIS countries themselves.

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Geopolitical Diary: Ukraine, The Main Battlefield of Cold War II

March 28, 2008

Geopolitical Diary Graphic — FINAL

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said on Thursday that no NATO bases would be deployed in his country in the event that Kiev became a member of that organization. Citing Ukraine’s Constitution, which forbids the establishment of foreign military bases in the country, Yushchenko said, “Some people are spreading the fable that there will be a NATO military base in Sevastopol.

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