Zbigniew Brzezinski: the West should stop courting Kremlin leaders

“A basic lesson thus stands out from the West’s disappointing experience with Putin: competitive courtship of the Kremlin leader’s ego is not as productive as coordinated shaping of a compelling geopolitical context for Russia. Personal enticements can be easily pocketed as privileged entitlements, with Putin’s membership in the Group of Eight failing miserably to convert him into a devoted democrat. External conditions need to be deliberately shaped so that future Kremlin leaders conclude that democracy and becoming part of the West are in Russia’s interest as well as their own.” – wrote in Washington quarterly Zbigniew BrzezinskiSo far the best and shortest formulae of dealing with Russia, that I have encountered. He is very optimistic though this Mr Brzezinski, about Russian youth for example or about western influence over Russia.

Full text: http://www.twq.com/08spring/index.cfm?id=294


One thought on “Zbigniew Brzezinski: the West should stop courting Kremlin leaders

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