South Ossetia has been recognised

…by North Ossetia 15 years ago. 6 March 2008 North Ossetian parliament’s council and South Ossetian parliament’s council had a joint meeting dedicated to the 15 th anniversary of North Ossetian parliament’s decree about recongition of South Ossetia.

Speaking frankly I did not even know about this decree. The tricky part of this is that North Ossetia is an autonomous republic within Russian Federation bordering with South Ossetia. So according to the Russian law, North Ossetia has no right to have a foreign policy of its own. However, in the beginning of 1990s North Ossetia along with other North Caucasian regions enjoyed a great deal of practical independence. So that its parliament even could adopt decrees like that.

The fact that they have remembered about it now is interesting though, because it appears, that Ossetians have a policy of their own that not necessarily reflects that of Moscow’s policy. Following Kosovo recognition, Russia has been anxious not to indicate any will to retaliate the West with recognition of Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This may signify that there is a conflict between Russian interests in the Caucasus that are basically about freezing up the situation as it is, retaining the status-quo as long as possible and Ossetian interests, that have long been wanting to live within the same state’s boundaries legally. 

Here is the info in Russian:

2 thoughts on “South Ossetia has been recognised

  1. All this Republics have their own presidents, own national flag, own parliaments, hymn and all other things that an independent state needs. These republics are not Russian linguistically, they have their own culture, traditions and religion.

    Full independence for Russian colonies:

    The Adygea Republic
    The Tatarstan Republic
    The Chechnya Republic
    The Dagestan Republic
    The North Ossetia
    The Bashkortostan Republic
    The Karelia Republic
    The Altai Republic
    The Kabardino-Balkaria
    The Buryatia Republic
    The Chuvash Rebublic
    The Ingushetia Republic
    The Kalmykia Republic
    The Karachayevo-Circassian Republic
    The Khakasia Republic
    The Komi Republic
    The Mari Republic
    The Mordovian Republic
    The Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
    The Tyva Republic
    The Udmurtia Republic


    It is only Putin’s bloody regime, that does not tolerate freedom
    of speech, makes them afraid to speak about this.
    These republics are in fact independent, they are not
    Russians and never want to be. Chechnya for example has
    already issued a declaration of independence, that is one
    step away recognition. How cynical can you be to demand
    independence for regions in Georgia and not to allow this
    for republics in Russia.

  2. Well, I do not deny the right for the Russian republics to be free. In fact, I would very much like the democratic evolution of Russia, that would allow these republics to become independent countries. Not all of them perhaps, but at least those who want it and can become responsible international actors. For instance Karelia, Komi, Adygea have ethnic Russian majorities in them and are unlikely to ever gain independence no matter what, but those who have non-Russian majorities, want to be independent and can sustain internal order and economic life should have the right to secede.

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