Growing separatist sentiment in North Caucasus

North Ossetia in North Caucasus has traditionally been considered the most loyal to the Russia’s rule in the region. There are various explanations for this, eg. Ossetians gained a lot from the Russians’ conquest of the North Caucasus such as new territory, Ossetians are the only predominantly Christian people in the region, surrounded by Muslims.

However, even in North Ossetia one can witness certain rise of movement for freedom from Russia. This especially showed up after Beslan hostage crisis in 2004 when Russian security services stormed the school with the hostages, which caused over 330 deaths, 180 of them children.

Well-known North Ossetian politician and civil activist Vissarion Aseev that comes from Beslan announced his Manifesto while running for the deputy seat in the North Ossetian parliament in December 2007. He stated gaining independence for Ossetia as the main objective for every Ossetian politician. The whole circulation of the paper that published this Manifesto was confiscated by the prosecutors 1 December (one day before parliamentary elections in Russia and in North Ossetia), that claimed it was in breach of the electoral law.

 Here is the Manifesto (in Russian):


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