Czech PM: Prague doesn’t want return to Russian sway

I’m just fascinated with all this big talk:) Where will it lead, I wonder and what exactly is happening? In my point of view Russia and the West are getting into the adversarial spiral with decreasing number of ways out of it.

I think, that anti-Americanism and anti-western rhetoric has become part of nation-building project in contemporary Russia. New Russian leadership is not very good at inventing something new in order to build a nation, so they reverted to the old-fashioned idea of Russia being encircled by the evil West as a means of rallying popular support for themselves and their policies.

There are multiple problems with the usage of anti-western rhetoric though. a) it cannot last forever without actually bringing into life the rhetoric, that is really stiffening the relations with the West, which may have potentially grave conseqences for Russia b) as every negative idea, the idea of being encircled by the evil West cannot substitute positive ideas that can pull the nation together.

The US is not directly confronting Russia, they often do not even respond to Putin’s cheeky remarks about the US, instead they chose to use oblique ways to check Russians. AMD defense in Check republic and Poland looks to me (and certainly to Russians) as one of them. Is it a wise move to undertake? I am really not sure that military build up without actual corresponding real enemies is going to contribute to the stability, it is more likely to evoke some kind of response from Russia. Range of Russian potential responses is extremely limited, that is why the US is so bold, but I still do not think, that games of nuclear powers are something that Europe or the world really needs.

The Czech Republic will not ask Russia for permission to site a U.S. radar station on its soil and rejects returning to Moscow’s sphere of influence, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said on Tuesday.

On a visit to Washington to discuss details of a plan to host part of a U.S. anti-missile defense system, Topolanek said the Czech Republic would cooperate with Russia on many issues but would decide its internal affairs alone.

The U.S. administration wants to deploy 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic as part of a global shield against long-range ballistic missiles from “rogue” nations such as Iran or North Korea.

Kremlin officials, saying they believe the shield would be directed against Russia, have threatened to target any parts of the defense system deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Topolanek said Moscow was trying to sow confusion among NATO allies, especially those like the Czech Republic that once were members of the old Moscow-dominated Warsaw Pact and were occupied by Soviet forces during the Cold War.

“We do not want to belong again to the sphere of Russian influence,” he said. “We do not want to belong to a group of countries which have to ask Russia for permission if they want to ensure their own defense.”

Czech PM: Prague doesn’t want return to Russian sway | International | Reuters


2 thoughts on “Czech PM: Prague doesn’t want return to Russian sway

  1. “Attempts to set up a confrontation line in Poland has until now always ended up tragically – as in WWII when the country lost almost one third of its population.” these were the words of the Russian deputy for Nato Dimitrij Rogozin, stating Poland has not learned from the history.

    The way the Russian Generals spoke is unacceptable’, for Prague commented the speaker of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Warsaw labeled the message as ‘the memory of the worst times’

    The Russian generals sent other sharp warning against the construction of the Radar base close to Prague and a missile silo in Poland to the West. General-in-chief Jurij Balujevskij (photo) stated this Saturday that a possible start of a defensive missile from the base in Poland can Russian systems read as a launch of a ballistic missile. That would ‘provoke a launch of a Russian missile in return’.

    What is even more appealing, he was the second one to threaten Czechs with a missile attack, the first one was the other Russian general Nikolai Solovtsov.

    The Russians are against the Radar, according to Moscow, it is a danger for the strategic balance in Europe, and the threads because of which the Americans want to place the radar, doesn’t exist. Both, CR and Poland have rejected the threads as unacceptable.

  2. It’s unfortunate that installation of the new dividing lines in Europe seems to be imminent. However, it is very hard to deal with contemporary Russia, one of the reasons is that Russia wants to freeze up the world around it just as well as it has frozen the political life inside the country. So that nothing changes unfavourably, but life goes on and things tend to change whether for good or bad.

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