Russians going berserk about Kosovo’s recognition

Russia called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting in regard to Kosovo’s independence proclamation. The diplomats met 17 and 18 February. Russia tried to convince UNSC to condemn (and almost abolish) Kosovo’s independence claim, while leading European countries and the US were hastily recognising it one by one.

In my point of view all this fuss that Russia is indicating is mainly designed for internal consumption, showing off the puffing Russia is still able to produce. One of the specific audiences for the Russia’s puffing could be South Ossetia and Abkahzia, the Georgian breakaway republics. As Russians had the folly to promise them to recognise them if Kosovo was recognised by the West, now as the Russians are not really willing to do so for various reasons, (in fact Russians primary aim was to threaten the West with recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and make the local western ally Georgia’s life difficult) So the fuss is designed to show to the peoples of South Ossetia and Abkhazia how important Russia still is that it can call for UNSC meeting and do various other diplomatic moves.

Serbia may be another target of these moves, as just before the presidential elections in Serbia, Russians bought up their energy company for a relatively modest price, as some analysts say, so Russia must have promised something to the Serbs. Even though it is difficult to imagine, that Russians did not realise that Kosovo’s independence was inevitable.Russia tried to scare off the West from recognising Kosovo for a while, exploiting the above mentioned threat of partitioning Georgia. So they must have thought, they could do it indefinitely.

The problem with Russia is that it has no plans of modernisation neither for itself, not for the world around. Therefore it invariably loses, gets angry, feels encircled by enemies, etc.Since Russia has no viable response to supposedly important issue of Kosovo’s secession (it would be too asymmetric of Russia to stop cooperation with the West on nuclear non-proliferation, Iran or North Korea nuclear programs and it cannot afford recognising South Ossetia, Abkhazia or Transdnestria) it will make it weaker. That must have been one of the US foreign policy’s calculations, no one admits to that in the US though:)

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