Ingush Cause

Unfortunately Russian authorities are doing the same thing in Ingushetia as they did before in a few other places. That is exterminating legal, civil and civilized opposition and driving all those people who are opposition minded into the forests and mountains. What happens is that by doing this, Russians stop civil progress of the North Caucasus, so there is no one left to point out to and say this is a civilized leader of the society.

On January 30, just four days after heavily-armed police in Ingushetia clashed with demonstrators attempting to hold a protest demonstration in Nazran against Murat Zyazikov, the republic’s president (see below), one of the protest’s organizers, Magomed Yevloev, founder and owner of the independent website, confirmed that the Ingush authorities are seeking to arrest him. “Zyazikov wants to isolate me and thinks that by isolating me he will be able to close the site and end the protest mood of the people of Ingushetia, who are discontented with corruption and the situation in the republic,” quoted him as telling REN TV by telephone. Yevloev also said that police in Moscow had searched his apartment there on January 30 and that Ingushetia’s Interior Ministry had sent a “convoy” to the Russian capital to bring him back to Nazran.

Chechnya Weekly from the Jamestown Foundation


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