Things continue getting screwed up in North Ossetia

It appears there was an attempt on the North Ossetian leader’s aide Sergei Takoev in Vladikavkaz Sunday 27 January. In the past two years Takoev was interrogated by Russian prosecutors, regarding his suspicious activities while being the director of Alania football club in North Ossetia. He eventually was acquitted and it appeared that he was chosen by the Russian prosecutors to put pressure on his boss, head of North Ossetia, Taimuraz Mamsurov, because Russians believed, Mamsurov supported the Beslan hostage attack victims’ protest actions.

What this shooting does not mean someone seriously wanted to kill Takoev, otherwise they would have killed him. Most naturally the reason for attempting on his life is linked to something relatively petty or someone wanted to warn him. However, this in turn may mean that price of killing a high-ranking North Ossetian official has dramatically dropped. If anyone that does not like the way things are comes and shoots at a bureaucrat, it means precisely this.

This has been common trend after Mamsurov came to power in 2005. He does not control everything as his predecessor used to do, because he is not able, which is good, but on the other hand, this might backfire any day, as Mamsurov finds it hard to produce convincing arguments for the public, to put it diplomatically. So he can relatively easily be played around with by a small dedicated team that resolved to do so. Until Kremlin is satisfied with Mamsurov and Mamsurov is satisfied with bribing Russian officials, things may stay quiet, but Kremlin will try to raise a local rival for him, as it normally does.


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