Exploring America

I wish I started blogging about America as soon as I arrived in US, but I was too preoccupied with getting settled and accustomed to the new environment. As there are still things around me that surprise me, it is probably not too late to do at least some limited blogging. First of all I must say, that US received and have treated me very well. I have scholarship from the US State Department and so my attitude could be influenced by this, but I’ll try to be as impartial as possibleJ

There are many things I like about this country. One of them is “heavy mind” (so we describe this quality in Ossetia) of American people. That is to say, that for example, despite repeated accidents with shootouts throughout the country, guns are still not outlawed (in fact far from it) in many US states. Not that I’m great supporter of private gun ownership or of banning them. I’m really amazed by the fact, how Americans value their freedoms that they are not giving them up easily even after so many tragic incidents. I think, it is one of the great features of the US. Of course, there has been a curb of freedoms after 9/11, but there are clear signs it is going to be reversed.


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